With such a large choice of colours and textures of glass available there are endless possibilities for designing a stained glass window to feature in your home and also for matching glass to make repairs to existing, but broken leaded windows.

It is amazing how daylight can shine through a stained glass window and cast coloured patterns into the room. These can move across the floor and change with the light and time of day, brightening the room and providing a sense life. This warmth can be a really useful feature in the winter months and help to brighten up those dark days.

Art Nouveau stained glass is very popular as well as Victorian stained glass with geometric designs. Mackintosh stained glass can be designed in a way to suit many houses. Art Deco stained glass often appears in transoms. If double glazed units are to be installed, we can alter or remake the originals to fit within the units before they are made. We are happy to work with your supplier to achieve this.

One customer commissioned an intricate window for an interior door at the end of a hallway. It was to add interest to the rooms on both sides of the door and illuminate a dark spot. The owner had spotlights installed close to the door to cast the coloured light along the hallway.

Stylish new houses may benefit from a bespoke feature window where colours and shapes can be incorporated to make a truly individual design to suit your taste. This will provide a talking point for years to come with visitors to your home.

Should neighbouring windows seem too close, a screen window can be made that allows coloured light through the shapes while providing privacy. Even selections of plain, but beautifully textured glass can be made into an attractive window and allow as much light as possible to pass through with any colours being confined to the edges. One particular type of raindrop textured glass I am fond of using seems to gather the light from outside and scatter it into the room on the inside.

If you have an interior door that need not be seen through, perhaps a bathroom door for example, panels can be designed using beautiful opalescent glass and feature shapes or forms from nature.

Round windows are a speciality and we find they can provide a strong feature in all types of property.

Some stained glass windows have become three dimensional over time, I was asked to work on a front door oval that, due to poor support and fitting had become 4” convex at its centre and had formed a cone shape! With careful dismantling and the use of weights over a period of days, the oval was flattened back to two dimensions and matching glass was used to repair the surrounding damaged panes. New lead was applied around the edge when rebuilding and after puttying, the flat window was refitted and sealed into the front door.