Door Panels

Through research we are able to establish what may have been there in the past and re-create the various panels before fitting them to reinstate the period features.

If the stained glass window is still in place but broken it can be rebuilt using new lead where necessary, or individual panes / quarries replaced with closely matching glass. If the supporting saddle bars are missing, we supply and fit new ones, usually cut from bright stainless steel round bar and then re-solder any lead joints that have fractured with movement over time.

Victorian etched glass in a variety of designs, together with brilliant-cut star corners has been popular at various times in the past and these can be supplied new and fitted to your door. Coloured glass can be fitted at the edges between the corners. Also popular in porches and lobby windows, Victorian etched glass can be supplied and fitted to replace sheets of plain glass.

Wood Work

If the supporting woodwork and mouldings have been damaged we can make the necessary repairs and decorate before fitting the new glass.