I have held a passion for stained glass for many years and as friends and local glaziers became aware of
my interest they asked me to repair and make various windows, I decided to start my business in 2003 and soon became busy. I had previously studied design and illustration and later on, stained glass at Bath College. Having worked for a long time as a graphic designer, together with my glass skills, woodwork and metalwork, I am able to offer the complete service from discussion and design, illustration and kiln firing, hand crafting in the traditional way with age old techniques and then fitting into wood, metal or directly into stone.

This background is especially useful when working on listed buildings. Is your property old with attic window openings in the gables that have been boarded up or blocked? I recently designed, made and fitted a set of elliptical windows for a local farm building. When viewed from the outside the owner agreed the new windows looked as if they had always been there. The difference to the attic space was tremendous; it brought long-awaited light and life to the upper rooms. Suitable restoration glass containing some seeds and ripples was used and this enhances the exterior view from the inside.

Challenges are always good and I relish the thought of producing traditional or individual and exciting designs as well as achieving huge satisfaction from restoring customers’ old panels to their former glory. These items are always treasured and it is lovely to see the positive reaction of the owner when a stained glass window or piece of glazed furniture is restored.

In these days where period features have their renaissance, many Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian homes have a need to remove the quick fix of a sheet of plain or textured glass that occurred after the war or as a result of ‘modernisation’ in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s and reinstate beautifully made leaded panels of the original design. Specialising in this area, with many references to hand, it is possible to carefully re-create these originals. Geometric Victorian design, Art Nouveau, Mackintosh, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco styles have all featured strongly.

A different aspect is to work in three dimensions, once even making a curved section window to fit around the 90-degree corner of a room within a room. It was made to ‘borrow’ light from an exterior window. We also make repairs to shop domes and skylights.

Based conveniently in the West Country, there is easy road access to enable work in other parts of the British Isles.

Do you need a custom-made gift for a special occasion? Perhaps we can help by designing and making something to suit the event.

If you just have room for a decorative window-hanging in the kitchen or a striking small panel for your front door, I am happy to help and work on projects or commissions of any shape or size.

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